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When I was young I dreamed of becoming an artist; but like so many aspiring artists I didn't follow my dream but instead attended Appalachian State University in the mountains of North Carolina were I received an accounting degree. I spent the last 29 years working as a CPA/CFO in the construction and real estate business. Three years ago I started to draw again as a way to relax. My drawings are almost meditative in the metaphysical sense as well as in content and form. My drawing style could probably be referred to as mindfulness drawing. I don't start with any particular idea of where the drawing is going. I let my thoughts guide where and how my pen reacts to the paper. I am always surprised with the finished piece.

I enjoy sitting down with pen and paper and letting my mind wander as well as my pen. I never start with an idea in mind unless I am drawing a dog or cat. My wife and I support our local animal shelter and a number of local rescues. She goes every week and walks the dogs; the only times I visited the Humane Society in our home town I came home with a dog. Now due to my past history I have to contribute without actually physically being with the dogs; so I am looking at my art as my contribution. I hope to do some dog drawings that I can donate to local rescues.

I have tried the traditional drawing style e.g. realistic, and I get bored so fast that I don't enjoy the process. No matter what I try I always end up drawing randomly across the paper even if I start with a serious subject. I have decided not to fight the process and draw what I enjoy.



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